About the new lookbook and inspiration

We did an interview with our printing house especially for the new lookbook we have created over there. The interview is about Martine’s inspiration and the idea behind this campaign shoot.

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?
“My inspiration comes from spur of moment. For example, the shape of a building or object can touch me. Or something I see at a restaurant, on a museum visit or while walking. A special shoe, a key on a door in an Italian alley… Everything around me can be a trigger.”

A new catalogue is coming out. The footage was shot in the desert of Morocco. Why that choice?
“As I mentioned, I’m a big Africa lover. No matter which country you visit, each time you are introduced to a totally different world so far away from what you are used to at home. The animals, the nature, the smells, the silence: the purity of Africa attracts me and I also find it in the desert. That’s where I feel happy. A jewel also comes out much better amid such a setting. The light there is very special. In a forest, for example, there are too many impressions. I want as pure a landscape as possible, in which the power of the jewel can be fully expressed.”

You can read the rest of the interview here: Buroform – interview Martine Hul


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