Becoming a Hulchi Belluni retailer

Looking to add a new fine diamond jewellery brand your store? Hulchi Belluni is currently represented in 42 countries around the world and is leading the way in creating new and exquisite collections year on year, with a growing global clientele and an ardent following amongst consumers.

A unique design

18 karat Gold

Set with high quality diamonds

Thorough quality control

Superb finish with an eye for detail

Signature sign HB


Make a virtual appointment

Make a virtual appointment to explore our jewellery line and to submerse yourself in the Hulchi Belluni universe.

Contact our sales team!

You’re welcome to come and have a chat with us at one of the jewellery trade shows or visit us at our showroom in Antwerp. We can alternatively also ask one of our international sales representatives to come and visit you.

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