Once upon a time

The exclusive Hulchi Belluni jewellery line, founded on October 15th 2001, started as a real classic collection. Thanks to its diversity as well as its innovative skills, Hulchi Belluni has become a line of genuine, high quality jewellery: renowned for its eye for detail and exquisite finish, it has already gained admiration from all over the world.

Tresore Collection

Our beloved Tresore collection features nifty stretch bracelets that you can easily slip over your hand. They’re easy to wear either stacked or styled individually and make a perfect gift for any celebratory occasion.

High Jewellery

Meticulously crafted lavish pieces to grace the female form

Martine Hul draws on her artistic excellence to conceive a collection of prestigious refined jewellery that perpetuates elegance and grace.


Fine Jewellery Care Guide

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Feng Shui as a source of inspiration

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