Martine Hul – Designer and founder – Embracing life

In the realm of exquisite jewelry, Martine Hul emerges not only as the founder and creative mind behind Hulchi Belluni but as a dynamic source of positive energy. Her designs are a testament to her vibrant spirit and endless wellspring of inspiration.

Martine’s creations are an expression of her joyful mindset, seeking to infuse each piece with the boundless energy she radiates. Beyond being mere jewelry, her designs embody a philosophy of living life to its fullest.

What distinguishes Martine is not just her artistic skill but her dedication to making each creation with a harmonious balance. In her world, energy and balance aren’t just design elements; they are foundational principles. Her jewelry represents the belief that true beauty emerges from the delicate balance of life’s diverse elements.

Hulchi Belluni transcends being a unique brand; it’s a celebration of the joy Martine injects into every project. As you explore the collections, you’ll encounter a seamless blend of grace and energy. Martine’s designs extend an invitation to embrace life’s radiance, to wear positivity, and to find harmony in the finely crafted beauty of her jewelry.

New collections Bouli & Sparkling

Introducing our new Bouli and Sparkling Collections – where classic elegance meets modern radiance. The Bouli Collection features bracelets adorned with playful bubbly diamonds, offering flexible comfort and distinct charm. In the Sparkling Collection, every piece emits a brilliant shimmer inspired by sparks of joy. Explore these exquisite ensembles that redefine sophistication with a fresh twist.

Bouli collection

With its chic and distinctive bracelets, introduces an element of playful elegance through bubbly diamonds. This collection bracelets seamlessly blend flexibility and charm, effortlessly wrapping around the wrist for an experience that is as comfortable as it is stylish.


Sparkling collection

This collection captures the essence of radiance, infusing each piece with a dazzling brilliance that effortlessly lights up any occasion.

Fine Jewellery Care Guide

With proper care, your fine jewellery will last a really long time. Here are some tips to keep your jewellery looking its best. All fine jewellery should be treated with care. After wearing your jewellery, wipe with a clean, soft, barely damp cloth to remove any dirt or cosmetics. Store each piece of jewellery individually in a soft pouch or cloth to prevent scratching.

  • Avoid salt water and harsh chemicals such as chlorine or detergents, which can harm gold and gemstones.
  • Take your jewellery off before you go to bed.
  • When you travel, pack your jewellery carefully. A variety of protective soft rolls and pouches are available.

Feng Shui as a source of inspiration

Hulchi Belluni jewellery design is guided by the principles of the Feng Shui philosophy. Feng Shui is all centred around positive “Chi” energy that brings harmony and balance. It is classified as one of the five arts of Chinese metaphysics and the practice of Feng Shui discusses architecture in terms of invisible forces, known as “Chi”, that bind the universe, earth and humanity together.

Feng means “wind” and shui translates to “water” in Chinese. This comes from an ancient poem and reflects upon how human life can be ideal if we connect and live in flow with the environment around us. In Asian cultures, this is called the Tao, which directly translates to “the way”. The Tao is the way of nature.

The goal of Feng Shui as practiced today is to situate the human-built environment on spots with good “Chi” energy.